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About Me

Hi, I’m Clover. This site is designed to inspire and inform you about adventurous travel,

help you get out of your comfort zone, one small step at a time.


The view is always better up there in South Africa.

Welcome to Simply Clover Living, the visual journey of my life and travels. My name is Clover Lam, a 30 something year old flight attendant who started to travel “eat, pray, love” style. Despite being in the airline industry for over a decade, it was not until four years ago, when I started to be single again, was I be able to fully appreciate what travelling can do for self growth and has since challenged my comfort zone in many ways, as you will experience in my articles.


Throwback to that time during Basic Military Training

Chinese by ethnicity, Canadian by nationality, with a feminine appearance but adventurous personality, who could fire a rifle, swim and race in open water, cage dive with crocodiles and skydive from 15,000 ft., and many more! Through my stories, I want to show you, how an ordinary girl, raised by a single father, overcame an eating disorder, found self love after divorce, can go on crazy adventures, challenge stereotypes, and bash limiting beliefs. My goal is to inspire you, my readers, not only to feel empowered, but to be informed through my journey, so you can take the necessary actions in making your own adventures a reality. Let’s get started!
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